Thursday, April 19, 2012

Time goes by....

too fast!! Deployment is creeping up extremely quickly, and before that happens a whole lot of other things need to happen. There's visiting family on pre deployment leave, Sam's early birthday party, a few legal things (power of attorney, wills... fun :/...), pictures that need to get taken, some things around the house that require 'a man's touch'... *sigh*

What do I WANT to do? Alternate beach days and movie days with just our little family....

Even though I feel like it's coming up far too quickly, I'm feeling very confident about this deployment. James was recently on a couple field ops which gave Sam and I a chance to 'practice' being on our own (not that we haven't been on our own before during field ops, this time just felt different). We stayed so busy with playdates and fun activities, that the time went by so fast! Hopefully we can keep that up, and then some, and 7 months will fly :)

Going to have to cut this post short because Sam has just learned how to climb onto the shelves of the entertainment center.... aaaah!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mama Rep!!

Just wanted to share something that I'm VERY excited about! I am now a Mama Rep for :) So I get to tell people about all the awesome-ness that is cloth diapering! They have a great selection of diapers... pockets, AIOs, hybrids, prefolds, covers, training pants, swim diapers. Not to mention the diaper accessories, amber teething necklaces, toys, blankets, burp cloths, Moby wraps... just a great resource for all sorts of fun things anybody who's into a more 'natural' parenting style needs!

Addicted to fluff? Click here to shop at my new favorite store - Wee Little Changes!

They also offer Newborn Rentals for those mamas who aren't sure if cloth diapering is the way to go, or who aren't ready to commit to a brand. There are a few different rental options, and included (besides the diapers themselves) is free shipping, and free consultation! I wish I had found this when we were first getting into CDing Sam because the options seemed endless and overwhelming!

Seriously awesome store :) Check it out!