Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Busy Busy Busy!!

Can you say NESTING??!! Not only am I entering the 3rd trimester of my pregnancy and so wanting to make everything perfect for my son, but we're also into the home stretch of this deployment and I want to have everything perfect for my husband! You know what's terrible about this nesting?? We don't move into our new apartment for another month. All I want to do is set up the nursery, and make our home look generally amazing. But instead I'm having to tear the apartment apartment apart and box things up. At least once we move I'll be able to do all the nesting I want :)

Sometime in the past week or so I've been really realizing all these awesome things we have coming up, and how much I need to do to prepare for them! The first thing, I leave for a visit to PA on Friday! Almost 2 whole weeks to spend at home with my family. :) Then I head off to the first competition that my students are in. Then... James will be coming home!! Then we will be going away for the weekend to celebrate, a belated Valentines Day (since we weren't able to spend the actual day together), James' homecoming, Christmas (we're using a gift card that was a Christmas gift for the getaway) some good relaxation before moving to the new place, and our 'babymoon' (last vacation without our baby!) Definitely looking forward to that weekend! Then we'll be moving, and hopefully getting a new car. THEN it's baby time! :) So much to do, pack, and get ready. And SO much to look forward to!!

On that note, I should probably get off the computer and get to work! :)